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When you are arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI) in State of Texas, the law enforcement officer will inform you that your license will be automatically and immediately suspended, if you do not agree to take a breadth or blood test. According to Texas laws, when a DWI arrest is made, the officer is supposed to take possession of any Texas license issued by the state. The officer will issue a temporary driving permit that expires on the 41st day after the date of issuance. You can request a hearing to challenge the proposed suspension of the driver’s license. This request will delay any ALR sanctions until the hearing for suspension takes place.


You have 15 days after receiving a suspension from the arresting agency to request a hearing to challenge your suspension. If you failed to do so, the ALR suspension will automatically begin on the 41st day after notice was received. If you request a hearing, the action regarding the suspension will be delayed until after the hearing takes place, even if your hearing takes place more than 40 days after your DWI arrest. Furthermore, if you decide appeal, the suspension can be delayed for an additional 90 days. Our experienced Dallas DWI lawyers can help you after a driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrest. We are here to help you keep your driving privileges, and will provide you with strong and aggressive representation for your DWI case.


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